Take me away...

Take me away now! I'm left feeling so inspired, in fact the camera is packed, if only I could pack Russian photographer, Murad Osmann. He has spent his days travelling the world with his beautiful girlfriend, apparently he never puts his camera down. 
She was fed up with him always taking photos.  
So she grabbed his hand to move him along, then this happened...

The rice fields in Bali.

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TRAVEL packing tip # 101 PACK the Kaftan!


Let’s take a moment to applaud the brilliance and beauty of a kaftan. So simple in structure, form free in that deliciously romantic sort of way, kaftans are better known for their comfort and breeziness than their ability to make a style statement. But today we would like to take a moment to say thanks to Australian designer* Camilla Franks who has allowed us to make that style statement and for making all my trips a breeze, no pun intended. 

Dress it up, dress it down! put it on pull it off, just pack it. 

Jane x