Our Journey


Craig and I have always loved to travel , and  over the years Asian has lured us. From the tastes and smells to the richness of the many different cultures and religions. Inspired by the simplicity of village life but most of all the warmth of the local people and the talents of the local artisan, and their ability to create something beautiful from something so simple is what I bring to El Cabello.

The sunny beach resorts of Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam attract some of the world’s best architects and designers developing hotels and restaurants creating a wonderful blend of modern, sophisticated Asian style.

Alas I am no backpacker! Boutique resort style hotels have probably been one my main inspirations for El Cabello. I love the blend of contemporary and native design, the finishes and furnishings, the use of local timbers and stone, fabrics, artifacts and craftsmanship. A casual yet sophisticated style.

I love the palm trees and white sandy beaches, freshly caught fish, green papaya salad, margaritas and cold beers. Not to mention the warmth of the sun, spectacular sunsets, dramatic cliffs and volcanoes, the languages and lingos, the temples and religious ceremonies, smiles, tuktuks and donkeys, the madness of the motorbikes, amazing markets, the green of the tea estates, waking to monkeys in the mornings (!), the tropics, the mosquitos!

Along these journeys I have discovered many local artisans chiseling the day away at huge pieces of wood resulting in amazing art pieces or collecting thousands of tiny shells to create a simple masterpiece or hand-loomed and batik dyed fabrics and exotic jewellery. Truly beautiful work.

After many margaritas we decided to have a “go” and import some of my favourite pieces to share with you.

Come on a journey with El Cabello and see where we can take you...